July 23-25, 2008 – Rain, Sun and Travel

It continued to rain until Thursday night and the sun finally came out around 4 PM – Yea!! We were starting to get a little stir crazy!! And now the drying out process begins.

The river and the dam were high so we had to go out and take pictures. These are from the same area, the first picture is when we got here and the second one was taken last night and this morning…

Amazing, isn’t it! The river runs right along the campground and the sound of the rushing water was loud… a lot different than when we first arrived.

So today, our travels took us to Quechee Gorge State Park – about a 67 mile trip. When we arrived and set up, we had to pull many of our damp items out into the sun!!

This is a beautiful campground – our site:

And it was great to just sit in the sun, enjoy the warmth and dryness and the campfire.

Miles Traveled: 67
Vermont: VT-101, VT-11, I-91, I-89, VT

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