May 23, 2008 – Rose River Falls Trail

This is the start of the Memorial Day Weekend and the campground is starting to fill up. There are over 200 spaces here and although last weekend was full, we found out that only 17 spaces were used during the week. But this weekend is booked so we are getting ready for the noise.

Today was another beautiful, sunshiny, blue sky day and we took advantage of it by doing the Rose River Falls loop (3.70 miles). The Rose River Falls were about a mile down the trail:
And for about 2 more miles we followed the river with one waterfall after another:

And in the middle of nowhere a great little bridge to cross:

And as we were getting to the bridge, I looked down and saw a snake moving, followed by 3 snakes peeking out from under the bridge (we went over very fast…)

As we came up the hill, we came across the Cave family cemetery:

There are 3 confederate solders buried here and it is an active cemetery.

What a wonderful hike!!

And it is slowly starting to warm up – Yippee!! Elliot just loves these sunny days – he follows the sun throughout the motorhome:

And of course, another great campfire!!

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