May 11, 2008 – Buzzard Overlook

Another cloudy morning and they were calling for rain early afternoon, so we decided to hike to Buzzard Overlook on the Massanutten Trail – 1.50 miles up with an elevation change of +800’ (Not bad for 2 old folks!!).

Some views:

The trail views:

Hazards on the trail (yes, we did have to climb under!):

On the way back to the car, we took a detour and came upon a Forest Service Cabin. What a beautiful place, however, it did not look like it was used in a very long time.

Today may be our last day here. We are moving to a full service campground for a reset (charge batteries, empty tanks, refill other tanks, maybe even watch TV and have WIFI). And the rain came in mid-afternoon and continued!!

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