September 26, 2007 – Travel to Iowa

We had a late start today – we slept in then just took our time getting ready to go. After saying our goodbyes and well wishes to our neighbors, we traveled to Iowa.

Some final pictures of Nebraska:

We are camped just over the border at the Lewis and Clark Lake State Park (Great deal at Iowa’s state parks!!).

Here is a picture of the campground:

Here is a picture of the lake:

On August 9 and 10, 1804, the Lewis and Clark expedition arrived at this site. They spent time here exploring the region making observations about the geology, plants and animals in this area.

They also have a full size reproduction of the Lewis and Clark keelboat “Discovery” and an example of a pirogue that may have been used.

Here is a picture of the Discovery:

And Andy sailing the boat:

Can you imagine the expedition sailing, pulling, and poling this 55’ keelboat up the Missouri? WOW!!

Here is a picture of the pirogue:

What a nice place. It was too windy to have a campfire but we enjoyed the sights!!

Miles Traveled: 36
Routes Traveled:
Nebraska: NB-9; NB-51
Iowa: IA-175

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