September 25, 2007 – Sightseeing near Pender

Today is the 150th day of this incredible journey. We have seen so much and learned so much and met some incredible people and stayed in some incredible places. If I were asked if this journey met my expectations, I would have to say no – it EXCEEDED my expectations on a daily basis. And we continue to count our blessings every day!

We decided to stay another day at the Blue Ox campground so this morning we got caught up on a couple of things and this afternoon we did some sightseeing with our neighbors, Jeff, Deana, and Brianna.

The first place we went to was Winnebago, NE to see the statue garden. This is 12 statues that represent the 12 clans of the Winnebago tribe.

A picture:

A picture of one of the clans:

It was very interesting to learn a little about the Winnebago tribe and what each clan did within the tribe.

Right by the statue garden was a place selling native items made by the tribe. The building is also used for educational and training purposes and one area was made to look like a drum. We spent some time talking to the women in charge and learned a little more about the tribe and what they are doing for the tribe. They are in the process of getting some literature together about the statue garden. A really interesting place – well worth the visit.

Right down the street was an overlook to see the local bison herd. The herd was in the back field but we were still able to see them. They are such majestic animals!!

From there we journeyed to the Blackbird Hill overlook with great views of the Missouri River Valley:

And another interesting place.

The scenery to both areas was also amazing; rolling hills, cattle, lots of corn, and we even saw the corn being harvested. The colors throughout the hills was just beautiful and what a beautiful sunny day to enjoy it.

And this evening, we all had supper together and a great time chatting.

Tomorrow we are heading into Iowa and hope to spend some time on the other side of the Missouri so stay tuned.

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On the road again......

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