September 16, 2007 – The National Forest

We decided today to move to the National Forest Campground (Roubaix Lake) 17 miles down the road in the Black Hills. We got a great sight and it is free. (This campground is now in the winter mode – only 13 sites open. So hard to believe with the warm days!).

This place is beautiful so we are staying for a few days and using this as our base for other sightseeing.

There are a number of scenic byways here so today we did the loop – RimRock Canyon to Rapid City to I-90 to Sturgis, then Boulder Canyon through Deadwood and back here. In both canyons, just imagine tall ponderosa pines, beautiful meadows, sandstone cliffs in RimRock and huge boulders in Boulder – Incredible. (Sorry, no pictures – still working on a workaround for my camera.)

And we were finally able to have a great campfire – sure missed them…. (We will have to build a fire pit when we get home -J)

A picture of our campsite:
And the stars, oh my, we could see the Milky Way tonight!!

Miles Traveled: 17
Routes Traveled:
South Dakota: US-85; US-385

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