September 15, 2007 – Leaving Montana and Going to Deadwood

Last night we had a wonderful evening with our neighbors, Sarah and Tom, chatting and enjoying the stars – what a beautiful night.

Today we traveled through southeastern Montana, the northeastern corner of Wyoming and into South Dakota. The scenery is still incredible:

We saw cattle, horse, sheep, llamas, and lots of herds of antelope. How about this fellow with the cattle:

And I have a problem with one of my camera lenses that will need to go back when I get home – a little bummed since I really enjoy taking these pictures. I do have a backup camera with me so hopefully I can continue to take all the pictures I need to – (much to Andy’s dismay!!)

We stopped at Belle Fourche that was listed on the map as the geographical center of the US – all 50 states. Turns out it is 20 miles north of here so maybe later we will stop at the marker. This is the sign from the town:

From here we went to Deadwood and camped at the 76 Museum Campground which is right in town. The trolley stops by and we were able to take that to the historic part of town. What a wonderful time we had going through the old west shops, casinos, saloons, etc. We did a little gambling – did not win; a little saloon hopping; and had a wonderful dinner of prime rib and crab (at a great price!). We were even able to see some of the reenactments.

Here is my new friend:

The neat thing is that we were able to get the trolley back to the campground. What a great time.

The weather is just great – daytime highs are in the 80s (first time we saw that temperature since early June) but the nights cool down nicely. And lots of sun!!!

Miles Traveled: 227
Routes Traveled:
Montana: US-212
Wyoming: US-212
South Dakota: US-212; US-85

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TK42ONE said...

Great photos. Wish I was there with you. The Black Hills were so beautiful when I went a few years back. Certainly on my top ten list of places to visit again.