September 11, 2007 – Moment of Silence and Montana

Six years ago today, we all watched the horrors of America under attack with the devastation of the Trade Center Buildings and the loss of people. And that day has changed us forever. Please say a prayer or take a moment of silence for all those lost, their family and friends, our armed servicemen and servicewoman, and for all of us affected by that day… And continue to fly our flag as often as possible.

We are slowly making our way towards southeastern Montana and the scenery continues to be outstanding. We are in the high plains/prairies (~3500’) which is pretty impressive to me since our house is only ~850’ in altitude.

This area is what I always pictured Montana to be: farms, ranches, buttes and bluffs and rolling hills, cattle, horses, sheep, deer, and antelope, lonely roads and seeing long distances, some areas with high golden grasses and other areas with sagebrush, bales of hay scattered in various places, working oil wells, graineries – Incredible!

Some scenes from the road:

We stopped for lunch at a rest area (Kiwanis) on the outskirts of Lewistown and saw the workampers from Sourdough Campground in Tok, Alaska. What a small world this is!! They left Alaska the day after us and are heading home to Florida. We had a real nice chat.

As we walked around the rest area we found out that it was also a free campground so we decided to stay. We spent the afternoon exploring the town and surrounding area and had supper at one of the local casinos – great food!!

Miles Traveled: 184
Routes Traveled:
Montana: US-2; US-87; MT-80; US-87

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