September 1, 2007 – Animals on the ALCAN

Lions and Tigers and Bears, oh my!!

Not quite but today was animal day on the ALCAN.

We first saw herds of buffalo:

And caribou – lots and lots of caribou:

And stone sheep (I think people were feeding these guys.):

We also saw mule deer and a black bear (no pictures – sorry).


Our travels took us over the Rockies. Some scenes:

We did have a long travel day. The campground we were going to stay is either closed down permanently or for the season. And then it was a while until we found another one that was open and had a space. So we are staying at the Pink Mountain RV Park..

Tomorrow we will be at Dawson Creek – Milepost 0.

Miles Traveled: 337.0 (Long Day!)
Routes Traveled:
British Columbia: BC-97 (ALCAN)

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