September 16, 2013 The Adventure Begins

We woke this morning to rain - Sad smile!  After we did our final walkthrough and check outs,  Andy drove the MH to the road.  I drove the Tracker, we hooked up and...no lights on the Tracker - Sad smile.  So we unhooked, drove both vehicles back and two hours later, Andy found the problem and we were on our way.

In those two hours, the rain stopped and we had a beautiful blue sky with puffy clouds.  We head northwest to Danville, then west on I-80.  I love this part of Pennsylvania - lots of mountains and incredible scenery.  The trees are just starting to change color and in three weeks these areas will be bursting with color.

09-16-13 Travel Home - Ebensburg (2)

09-16-13 Travel Home - Ebensburg (5)

09-16-13 Travel Home - Ebensburg (8)

09-16-13 Travel Home - Ebensburg (9)

09-16-13 Travel Home - Ebensburg (23)

The courthouse in Danville, PA:

09-16-13 Travel Home - Ebensburg (18)

Farms along the way - just love those colors:

09-16-13 Travel Home - Ebensburg (12)

09-16-13 Travel Home - Ebensburg (26)

09-16-13 Travel Home - Ebensburg (30)

Not sure about the above barnI don't know smile.

Check out this cloud - looks like an elephant:

09-16-13 Travel Home - Ebensburg (32)


09-16-13 Travel Home - Ebensburg (37)

We arrived at Woodland Campground in Ebensburg, PA in the late afternoon.  Much of the campground is seasonal sites but there is a few for travelers.  We are in a nice wooded pull through site:

09-16-13 X Woodland Park Ebensburg (5)

There is so many things to see and do in this area so stay tuned as we become tourists.

Enjoy today!

Stats for today:

Miles Traveled: 194 Miles

Routes Traveled:

PA: US-209; West Lawn Road; Minersville-Llewellyn Highway; SR-901; SR-54; I-80 West; US-220 S; US-22 W; Campground Road



palamine said...

I'm following you now Diane. We will be off in an hour. Just to Vancouver today. On the road again in 2 weeks.

Bob and Linda's RV Travels said...

Glad to see you are back on the road. Super photo's as usual. Travel safe.

Diane said...

Thanks Toni and Doug, Hope to see you in Casa Grande this winter. Travel safe. :-)

Diane said...

Thanks Bob and Linda, Hope you are feeling better and are back on the road soon too. :-)

Ron and Bonnie Hough said...

We'll watch your blog. Love the photos of the countryside and things most people take for granted. How do you get those pictures of interesting roadside signs while cruising down the highway? You must keep the camera in hand at all times. Enjoy the trip.

Diane said...

Hi Ron and Bonnie, Great to hear from you and hope to see you this winter. Will you be in Yuma?
And, yes, my camera is always at hand - :-). Hugs to you both.