February 6-14, 2011 Casa Grande

Well we accomplished most of what we wanted to do here: cleaning, washing, fixing and updating some items, haircuts, bills, financials, etc. etc. 

Tucson VA

On Tuesday and Wednesday, we drove to the Tucson VA – Andy had to get some testing done (he is all okay, by the way).  We were very impressed by this VA in 2010 and continue to be – it is truly a top-notch center.   On Tuesday as I was in the waiting room, three veterans started to talk about their experiences during the wars (one was from WW2 and Korea; another from Korea and Vietnam; and the third from Vietnam).  For me, it was extremely POWERFUL and emotional to hear them talk.  I almost felt like I was intruding on a private conversation (yes, there were others there too and probably felt like I did).  We all need to thank our veterans and active duty personnel for the great job they have done and are doing to keep us free.  Oh my!!

Rov’ers Roost SKP CO-OP Park

We remain number 4 on the list and getting excited.  This past week was their annual meeting and celebration “February Follies” and we attended a few of the events as well as the meeting.  Lots of fun  – :-))))

We have also met quite a few people that are leaseholders and hopefully will get to know them better next season.  We will probably not be back here this season unless we get a lot but you never know.


One of the best things about traveling around and keeping the blog as well as Facebook is reconnecting with friends we have met along the way.

On Friday, we got together with Larry and Cheryl (who we first met in Alaska in 2009 and we just touched base with each other this past January in Quartzsite).  They came over for our own little Happy Hour and we got to talking about geocaching.  Well here we are – found the one near the park.  This is the third geocache for us and the second for them.

02-10-12 Casa Grande

Afterwards we all went to dinner and the Elks and continued getting caught up.  Hopefully our paths will cross again this year – :-)))   (Check out the writing on Andy’s t-shirt – LOL.)

On Sunday we got together with Jan and Ken – we also met them in Alaska in 2009 and have not seen them since Whitehorse.  It was great to have lunch with them and hopefully we will get together more when we have our lot here.

02-12-12 Casa Grande

Our friends from NJ – Carolyn, Pete, Kathy, and Dave came into the park and we had a wonderful couple of days getting caught up – hopefully our paths will cross again this season.  (Sorry, no pictures.)


And speaking of geocaching – we found another one plus discovered two trackables (thanks, Katy).   We are still learning the GPS, downloading the information, and the tablet but we are looking forward to having a great time with this.

Tomorrow we are headed for “The Steps” near Lake Havasu for the Winterblast – 4 days of fireworks – so stay tuned.

Here is a great link for state park passes and national park info:    State Park Passes



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