November 18-20, 2011 Quartzsite and Friends

Friday, November 18

We had an interesting start to our day.  After packing up, Andy went to start the motorhome and …….. nothing!   He checked the starter wire, wiggled it, and it starts – Yea.  Then we went to lift our jacks…..nothing.   He did a few more things and then they came back up…  Hmmm, not sure what is going on.   

So off we went headed south thru Parker (with a Wal-Mart stop) and then to Quartzsite and Hi-Jolly.   We were so happy to see that our favorite spot along the wash was open and the campfire pit that Andy built 2 years ago is still here – :-))).    As we are setting up, our fridge is giving us alarms – will not run on propane.  Oh no…that will seriously hurt us for boondocking.    So we called “The Gambler” to see if they could check it out and the mechanic’s first recommendation was for us to blow out the area.   Lo and behold, it starts up and stays working – :-))))).    We need to put that trick on our checklist!

But the best part is that our friends Lynne and Fred are here next to us.   We have not seen them since last January so we spent the rest of the day getting caught up with each other and a side trip to the VFW for their fish fry.

Stats for Today:

Miles Traveled:  49 Miles

Routes Traveled:

Arizona: Havasu Springs Road, AZ-95; Hi-Jolly BLM Land

Saturday, November 19

I really missed staying in the desert and especially this time of the season – lots of open space.  Our last two days at Havasu Springs Resort were not the best.  The neighbor on one side of us played Latin music LOUDLY from 12 noon to 8 PM, whether they were there or not.  The neighbor on the other side had a leak in their sewer hose and kept the tanks open so the smell was not the best. (Had we stayed longer, I would have asked for another site.).      So waking this morning, seeing the sun rise over the mountain, and having a nice breeze coming in the windows (yes, folks the nights are in the 50’s) was just WONDERFUL!

After our morning coffee with Lynne and Fred, Andy and I headed to town.   There are only a few vendors on Kuehn Street and we checked them all – :-)).   We wanted to get more LED lights from the vendor next to the Gambler (he always gave us a great deal) but he was not open yet.   We also rode around “Q” and checked out some of the other areas.    In two months, this area will be packed and we will not be able to do that without traffic jams so we took advantage of it now.

Back home, we got together with Lynne and Fred and enjoyed cooking over the fire – YUM!

Another great day.

Here is Hi-Jolly.  In a few months this area will be full of RV’s:

11-19-11 Hi Jolly Quartzsite 004

Our site – Lynne and Fred’s RV is on the right:

11-19-11 Hi Jolly Quartzsite 003

Our back yard:

11-20-11 Hi Jolly Quartzsite 002

Sunday, November 20

Last night was the first time our little Bella heard coyotes (they were very loud so must have been close by) and she hid – poor thing.  Dusty goes from being curious to getting scared.   As long as he is near me, he will continue to look at the window.  Ahhh, one of the great sounds of the desert.

This morning I headed out to Gem World and Joyce’s crafts – :-))).   I love just walking thru the aisles, getting lots of ideas.  But now I need to get working again.

We just hung out the rest of the day and got together with Lynne and Fred this evening.  Tomorrow, we are heading to Yuma so stay tuned.

Enjoy today.

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