August 6, 2008 – Sightseeing in the Rain

And the rain continues……

Our first stop today was the Man in the Mountain Museum. New Hampshire’s state symbol is the Man of the Mountain but in 2003, this mountain structure fell. The museum was small but there was a lot of info. They are now working on putting together an area near the mountain.

Our next stop was Chutters:
They are renowned as the World’s Longest Candy Counter (an Official Guinness World Record). OH MY!! Both Andy and I LOVE our sweets and we could have gone nuts but we were good and only bought a few things. We did, however, find a plaque that said: “Life is a journey, not a destination” – just like our blog. What a nice find.

The rain did let up and we took a ride to Franconia and stopped at the Iron Furnace Interpretive Center. This is the only blast furnace still standing in New Hampshire.

We could not tour the furnace since it is on private property. Notice the river in the photo. There has been so much rain in this area that many of the rivers and streams are very swollen and rushing. And the forecast here is more of the same - :-( ...

(So no campfire tonight!)

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