August 12, 2008 – Travel Day, Destination Pennsylvania

About 1:30 this morning, we heard a tremendous noise – a street sweeper cleaning the parking lot. Now there are a couple funny things about this. First, it was raining so we are not sure exactly what he was sweeping up. And second, imagine this guy, having to work third shift and sees a number of motorhomes and truckers in the one corner. I could just hear him saying “EEHA – I am going to have some fun tonight!! Let’s wake them up!” And it gets better. After the first pass thru our area, he disappears and about 20 minutes later (just as we are all falling asleep again), he comes by again. I know we probably brought some amusement to his night.

We continued our travels and are now camped at Cowanesque Recreation Area – Tompkins Campground. This is an Army Corp of Engineer area and they continue to impress us. The campground is nice and roomy and we have full hookups. We can see the lake/dam from our site. Beautiful!

After we set up, we checked out the area. There is another ACOE campground about 10 miles away but they are working on the dam/lake so it is low. So we have decided to stay where we are for a couple of days. We may need to move to different sites but that is okay.

We wanted to check out both campgrounds because they do look for work-campers. So if we need to, we would work at either one.

And the best part is that it is sunny and low humidity so we continue to dry out. And of course a great campfire night!

Miles Traveled: 207
NY: SR-7; I-88; SR-17; US-15
PA: US-15

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