Another update

 I apologize for some of the extra posts that you received in your email inbox.   Originally Feedburner handled all of my emails and notices of the blog.  If you wanted an email, you signed up and you were able to delete the subscription.

According to the notice I received, Feedburner emails were to discontinue in July.  So I was surprised that it went out.  In doing more research, I found out that the original list will remain for some time yet (not sure of the time).  However I am going to migrate the list to a group email.

So, you will be getting an email from me asking if you would like to continue to get the blog thru email.  If you do, please respond to that email.  You can also respond if you do not - my feelings will not be hurt.  (Personally, I do all my blog reading thru InoReader.  Just easier for me.)  I will probably wait about 2 weeks for responses and if no response, I will not migrate the list.

So hold tight..  That email should go out sometime within the next few days.


Thanks and yes, I hope to be back on the road soon.

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