February 15 to 21, 2016 Visiting with Friends

Had to believe it has been a week since I last updated.  My goal is to update weekly when we are not traveling (Fingers crossed)

So what have we been up to besides the normal cleaning, laundry, shopping, and of course, visiting..  Smile

On Tuesday, the park held a health fair where 30 vendors from the area had booths.  It was great to see all that was available.  One of the vendors also donated a lunch – Yum!

On Wednesday, the temperature reached a record 92 degrees so Andy and I decided to spend the afternoon at the movies.  We saw “The Finest Hour” – WOW!  Good movie.  We stopped at the Elks on the way home so by the time we did get home, the sun went down and it was much cooler.

On Thursday, Jan and I had a girls day visiting a number of thrift shops and lunch at the Creative Café in Casa Grande.  Andy and Ken went tool shopping and solved the world’s problems (isn’t that what guys do – LOL).  At the end of the day, we got together for Happy Hour at the Moose – what a nice day!

Ken, Jan, me, Andy:

02-18-16 Casa Grande (2)

On Friday, I went to lunch with a long time friend, Joyce.  We had a great time getting caught up with each other and it was nice to see her new home.  (But I didn’t get a picture – sorry.)

Also on Friday, check out the gas prices!!  WOW, can’t remember the last time gas was this price.

02-19-16 Casa Grande

On Saturday, Andy went with the guys (Lee, Dave, Pete) to the racetrack – great time.  Us ladies just hung out – Smile

Today, Sunday, Andy and I decided to explore the Mesa Marketplace.  I did pick up another geode.  This is what they look like from the outside (the crack is what I did):

02-21-16 Casa Grande (2)

And the inside – oh my – Beautiful!  The pictures just do not pick up the sparkle.

02-21-16 Casa Grande (4)

02-21-16 Casa Grande (5)

Can you tell that I just find these fascinating – Smile?

Another great week!

For those of you that use blogger, Google has just announced that they are retiring Picasa next month.  How that will work with Open Live Writer is unknown.  All my Picasa Albums are in Google Photos so there may not be an issue.  Let’s keep our fingers crossed that the change is seamless!

Enjoy today.


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