April 2- 3, 2015 Continuing North to Pennsylvania

April 2nd, we took our time and drove 20 miles to the Moose Lodge in Milford.  This Moose Lodge has a nice little camping area and a place to dump our tanks. After setting up and having a great lunch at the Lodge, we headed to Dover to do some errands and check out where we need to go tomorrow for our RV appointment.  After supper, we went back to the Lodge to meet up with Scott, who I had talked to a few times this week.  He took us on a tour of the Lodge – what a beautiful place.  What a great time!

Bella’s favorite place when we stop:

04-02-15 Milford Moose (2)

Stats for today:

Miles Traveled: 20 Miles

Routes Traveled:

Delaware: SR-23; US-9B: US-1; US-1B; Kirby Road; Beaver Dam Road

April 3rd, we were up early and on our way north to Mr. Tire Auto Center (formerly Carl King Tires) in Dover for a new tire and front end alignment.  We were finished by 11:00 A.M. so away we went – in the rain.

Over the Chesapeake and Delaware Canal:

04-04-15 A US-1 Travel (3)

04-04-15 A US-1 Travel (6)

Into Pennsylvania:

04-04-15 B Travel from Sheryls (2)

Thru Amish country:

04-04-15 B Travel from Sheryls (4)

Thru the Blue Mountains:

04-04-15 B Travel from Sheryls (6)

04-04-15 B Travel from Sheryls (8)

To our street:

04-04-15 B Travel from Sheryls (12)

We arrived home mid-afternoon, set up and began the process of opening up the house.  By late afternoon, many of our close friends came by – it was great to see everyone and get caught up.  After 564 days on the road, it is good to be home.

Stats for today:

Miles Traveled: 170 Miles

Routes Traveled:

Milford to Dover:

Delaware: Beaver Dam Road; SR-36; US-1; SR-10; US-13; Voshell Mill Road; US-13A

Dover to Home:

Delaware: US-13A; Voshell Mill Road; US-13; US-1; I-95; SR-141; SR-2; SR-41 (we took a wrong turn – Smile)

Pennsylvania: SR-41; SR-10; I-176; US-422; SR-183; SR-901; US-209; Chestnut Street

I am writing this on Thursday, April 9th, 2015.  In the past week we have been busy opening the house, transferring things from the motorhome, fixing things that need to be fixed, and spending time with family and friends.  We moved into the house on Monday and Dusty just loved rolling around on the floor – HA:

04-06-15 Home (1)

We expect to be home most of the summer.  So unless we do some travel, I will not be blogging. Sad smile.   However, when we go back on the road, I will be back to blogging.  For those of you who get the blog thru email or some type of feed, any blogs will come thru automatically.

Thank you all for following along.  Smile

Have a great summer and enjoy today.



March 29 to April 1, 2015 Time with Family

The last few days we had a great time spending time with family.  It was great to get caught up and get to know our new addition, Matthew.

Isn’t he the cutest:

03-30-15 Delaware (6)

Our daughter, Sheryl; granddaughters Sabrina and Alex; Andy and Matthew:

03-30-15 Delaware (13)

Mom (Alex) and Matthew:

03-30-15 Delaware (17)

Dad (Steven) and Matthew:

03-30-15 Delaware (20)

Great Grandpa, Andy, and Matthew:

04-01-15 Lewes (4)

What a wonderful couple days  Smile.

Tomorrow we continue our journey north so stay tuned and enjoy today.