January 31 to February 10, 2015 Casa Grande

On January 31st, we woke to cloudy skies and headed east to Casa Grande.  The rain started about 30 miles east of Yuma and stayed with us all day.

01-31-15 I-8 (1)

We got semi settled in our lot and just watched the desert fill with water from the rain – Smile

Since we have been here the park has been mostly full every night – a very good thing to see.

It was great to get caught up with so many friends here and those who passed thru.

Andy did a lot of the work with organizing the motorhome bins/bays and the sheds – trying to figure what to bring and what not to bring.

On the 3rd, both of the kitties had to get their teeth cleaned.  Our poor Bella had more teeth removed – poor kitty.  When I asked what we can do, the vet told me that I am doing everything right.  Her teeth problems are either genetic or poor nutrition at the start of her life.  The vet gave me pills to give her over the next two days.  So the next day, I held her and tried to give her the pill – now that wasn’t happening.  The pill slipped out of my hand, she went after it and ate it.  Never thought it was going to be THAT easy.  So the second day, I put the pill down and she ate that one – how funny.  She did get back to her normal by the next day.

Dusty’s teeth cleaned up real well but it took him a few days to get back to normal.  Had us a little worried…

On the 5th, we were entertained by the Bost Family at the clubhouse – great time and great music. (http://www.bostfamilytraditions.com/)

On the 6th, Larry and Barb had an impromptu get together for Dennis and Nora – what a great time.  From left to right: Dennis, Nora, Larry, Layton, Vienna, Theresa, Andy, Barb:

02-06-15 Casa Grande (6)

On the 7th, a few of us went to the Gourd Festival in Casa Grande.  Here we are at the start: Gwynne, Me, Katy, and Kathy:

02-07-14 Gourd Festival Casa Grande (2)

This was the first time I went to this festival – the gourds were impressive. Here is a sampling:

02-07-14 Gourd Festival Casa Grande (5)

02-07-14 Gourd Festival Casa Grande (8)

02-07-14 Gourd Festival Casa Grande (12)

02-07-14 Gourd Festival Casa Grande (13)

02-07-14 Gourd Festival Casa Grande (17)

02-07-14 Gourd Festival Casa Grande (19)

02-07-14 Gourd Festival Casa Grande (24)

WOW!  It was a great girl’s day out.

On Sunday, Bill gave us a presentation on the different flags that flew over our country from its inception – wonderful presentation.

We also have a few dinners/lunches out with friends – how wonderful!

So with our lot here summer-ized, tomorrow we start making our trek east (the long way – Smile) so stay tuned and enjoy today.

Stats for the the 31st: Yuma to Casa Grande

Miles Traveled: 170 Miles

Routes Traveled:

Arizona: E County 17th; 4th Avenue; E County 14th; US-195; Road; I-8; Montgomery Road


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