October 18-20, 2014 Our time in Pahrump Nevada

We were up early again today (18th), packed up, and headed to the gas station – $2.94/gallon – AMAZING.  We filled and then headed a few miles to the Escape Co-op Park, Pair O Dice.  We filled out the paperwork; were escorted to a site; and then hit the ground running. Over the next few days, we cleaned the motorhome inside and out as well as the oil changed on the motorhome.  Andy cleaned the car inside and outside.  We resupplied at the local stores as well as took care of some business (phone calls, etc.)  And in the evenings we were pooped!

Our name had come to the top of the list for a lot here at the park.  I really like this park but just didn’t want to have another lot right now.  We were going to take our name off the list but they have a new thing where we hold our spot but become inactive.  Then when we want a lot we just call and come off the inactive list.  Very nice!  So now we are number five on the inactive list.

Tomorrow we are heading further south so stay tuned and enjoy today.


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