September 17–20, 2014 Our time in the Centralia area

On September 17th, we packed up and left Sandy and Mike’s home (thank you again).  We first made a stop at Fred Meyer’s for gas and then at the first rest area to dump our tanks.

Seattle area is a growing area and the traffic is always crazy.  I did not take any pictures but those who know me can only imagine how I was in the traffic.  Yikees.  My Andy did a great job and got us safely to Centralia, Washington where we are staying at the Moose Lodge.

About an hour after we got here, our friends Bruce and Sue came in and we spent the rest of the day getting caught up with each other.  So great to see them.

Stats for Today:

Miles Traveled: 128 Miles

Routes Traveled:

Washington: SR-9; 56th Street; Bickford Avenue, US-2; I-5; I-405; SR-167; SR-512; I-5; Harrison Avenue, Main Street, SR-507

Thursday, September 18th

Not to far from this Moose Lodge are BUSY train tracks with crossings.  Lots of horns at those crossings.

So we decided to check out some of the local parks to see what our options may be.  The city park is nice but also near train tracks.  There are two RPI parks near Mossyrock that are nice so we made reservations to go there on Sunday.

The rest of the day we just hung out.

Friday, September 19th was a hang out day for me.  I had to get some business done on the internet and the phone so we were able to do that in the morning.  In the afternoon, Andy and Bruce went to the Veterans Museum while I continued to get caught up with things.


Saturday, September 20th, we took a little trip to YardBirds.  It is a shopping warehouse that is part grocery, part mini-mall, part antique shop, and part yard sale/flea market.  Andy and Bruce made it thru in record time and sat in the indoor “yard” area as we looked thru all the stuff that we didn’t need.

The boys waiting for us:

09-20-14 Yardbirds (3)

We finished the evening by going to the Elks for their happy hour and steak dinner – YUM!

We have had a nice time here and would stay longer but the constant train whistles ALL NIGHT LONG have made us weary and I think we all need a good quiet nights sleep.

Tomorrow we are heading to Mossyrock so stay tuned and enjoy today.

This is for you, Gary “Little Buddy”, from the Capitan



Jan Mains said...

We're at the Goshen Fairgrounds and the trains are bad. I don't mind the noise of the trains, it's when they blow the whistle all night long.

Diane said...

Yes, the horns are terrible. Our last night there, we think they were just playing games with the horns - oh my,