April 12 to April 20, 2014 Our Time in Casa Grande

A very Happy Easter to all.

Our time in Casa Grande is coming to a close.  We have had a wonderful time but it is getting hot.  I know that it is a DRY heat but an oven also has DRY heat – LOL!!!

Did you all get to see that blood moon? I stayed up but my pictures did not come out the best (I need to practice those night shots!)

The full moon rising over the desert on the 14th.

04-14-14 Eclipse Casa Grande (11)

We did learn that the glow in the east as the sun sets in the west is actually the earth’s shadow – also known as Venus’s Girdle.  Thanks Steve for the information.

The eclipse starting:

04-14-14 Eclipse Casa Grande (51)

04-14-14 Eclipse Casa Grande (52)a

Is that another planet or ??????:

04-14-14 Eclipse Casa Grande (96)

The desert is also starting to bloom.

The saguaros with lots of flowers and buds:

04-20-14 A Casa Grande SKP (3)

And more (these were taken from around the park):

04-20-14 A Casa Grande SKP (20)

04-20-14 A Casa Grande SKP (23)

04-20-14 A Casa Grande SKP (26)

04-20-14 A Casa Grande SKP (31)

04-20-14 A Casa Grande SKP (33)

04-20-14 A Casa Grande SKP (35)


We have also been visiting the local Moose Lodge and Elks Lodge.  This night we were celebrating Katy’s first night as a Moosette.  (L-R: Jan, Katy, Gary, Andy, Diane, Ken):


Always a good time.  Jan and Ken have a home in Arizona City and that is where we all were today for Easter dinner – thank you so much Jan and Ken for hosting.  A wonderful time with good friends.

In February, Andy got a smartphone and yesterday, I got one – this is going to be a lot of fun (I think).  Learning new things is good for us – keeps the brain active.

Tomorrow starts our summer travels.  First stop will be Show Low, Arizona.  We know many folks who stay there for the summer (much cooler) so we thought we would check it out.

Stay tuned and enjoy today!


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