January 15 - 26, 2014 Our Time in Quartzsite

We have had a wonderful time here in Quartzsite, as we always do.  For us this is where we see old friends, get caught up with each other and make new friends.  The best part is talking, laughing, talking, and laughing some more – isn’t that what life is all about.

We enjoyed long walks, shopping, eating and best of all, the nightly campfires.

Boomerville – a little explanation:

We belong to the Boomers, a sub group of the Escapees RV club.  Every year at Quartzsite we meet near Mitchell Mine Road for a rally.  Over the years we have had anywhere from 100 to 180 RV’s – almost like a little town – hence the name “Boomerville.”  The past few years have been an “all-host” rally meaning anyone/everyone can do an event, seminar, dinner, discussion group, movie, slideshow, food event, etc.  The main event here is the CARE auction where we auction off new and used items with all the money going to CARE.  (http://www.escapeescare.org/)

Andy and I have participated in many of the events in the past but this year we only did a few.  (Some years we were so exhausted from trying to do it all.)  And I have to say that it was nice although I still didn’t get enough time to stop and see everyone.  Sad smile

This is Boomerville and Quartzsite in the distance:

01-16-14 A Quartzsite (6)

A Panorama of where we parked (thanks, Katy):


Molly enjoyed running free – isn’t she cute:

01-16-14 A Quartzsite (18)

Pictures from one of our walks – the ocotillo:

01-17-14 A Quartzsite (6)

All this saguaro needs is a face – Smile:

01-17-14 A Quartzsite (8)

Cholas – beautiful in the sun – but dangerous if you get too close:

01-17-14 A Quartzsite (11)

Hardies Beads was once a restaurant where many of the beam ends were carved – cool:

01-19-14 B Hardees in Quartzsite (4)

01-24-14 B Quartzsite Flat Riley (7)

Our kitties with their new harnesses (yes, you can buy pretty much anything in Quartzsite):

01-19-14 A Quartzsite (10)

The sunrises and sunsets here are just beautiful:

01-19-14 A Quartzsite (25)

01-19-14 B Quartzsite (13)

I do want to give a shout out to Linda and Harold.  We were looking at RV’s (only looking – Smile) when they approached us.  They knew us from reading our blog – thanks, it was great to meet you.

Next place is Yuma so stayed tuned and enjoy today!



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