January 11–13, 2014 Our Time in Casa Grande Part Five

Every time we walk in the desert we usually go east or south first then make a big loop – anywhere from 2.75 miles to over four miles.  And almost every walk we do there is something new to see but I always forget my camera.  So on Saturday, I brought the camera along and here are some of the sites in the desert that keep me wondering.

Balloons on the horizon:

01-11-14 A Casa Grande (3)

A jar full of sand buried in the middle of nowhere:

01-11-14 A Casa Grande (6)01-11-14 A Casa Grande (5)

Bones, bones, and more bones:

01-11-14 A Casa Grande (11)

We have come across quite a few bones.  In one area they were scattered all over.  In another area was a horse.  Actually the horse was killed in November and we watched it go from full to bones – Interesting to see but also gruesome.

Some ones balloon:

01-11-14 A Casa Grande (12)

We haven’t figured out why this was here.  Could have been a carport for a house/business or ??  There were a lot of nails sticking out on the top of the pole so something was attached.

01-11-14 A Casa Grande (15)

Found these guys too – Smile:

01-11-14 A Casa Grande (17)

Lots of glass:

01-11-14 A Casa Grande (18)

And ?

01-11-14 A Casa Grande (27)

Shoes??  Actually we find quite a bit of clothing and bedding.

01-11-14 A Casa Grande (28)

Trash, trash, and more trash (lots of broken glass in there too):

01-11-14 A Casa Grande (32)

Now this is interesting.  It is a small ceramic Siamese cat.  There was nothing around it.  Was it carried by the water to just this spot??

01-11-14 A Casa Grande (36)

We came across an area that was full of stuffed animals – whose were they?

More trash – this was roofing material:

01-11-14 A Casa Grande (37)

Did someone live here for a while???

01-11-14 A Casa Grande (40)

01-11-14 A Casa Grande (41)

After all that rain, the desert has grass:

01-11-14 A Casa Grande (25)

I have a lot more pictures but you get the idea.  It is like a treasure hunt every walk – what will we find today?

On Sunday, my cousin, Kris spent the day with us.  We had a wonderful time getting caught up, showing her around the park and a great “lupper” at the Native New Yorker Restaurant in town.  What a great time and always good to spend some time with her.

Here we are:

01-12-14 Casa Grande (1a)

Today, Monday, was pack up/shutdown/laundry kind of day.  We will be leaving tomorrow for Quartzsite so stay tuned and enjoy today.



KarenInTheWoods Karen Pfundtner said...

Hmmmm what amazing treasures you find on your walks!

Karen and Steve
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Diane said...

It is amazing what the desert holds - would LOVE to know the stories behind the items..