September 28 - 29, 2013 Celina Ohio

Saturday, September 28

On Tuesday, October 1 at 6 AM, we have an appointment at Fleetwood RV Service in Decatur, IL (about 175 miles from Loudonville).  We were scheduled to leave Mohican Adventures Campground today and were trying to decide whether to play tourist or just find a play and hang out.  After being busy this week, we decided to find a place to hang out (reasonably cheap) until Monday when we will move to Fleetwood’s campground.

The other hard part was finding a place for Saturday night that honors discounts.  Well, we found it in Mercer County Fairgrounds in Celina, Ohio.  (Passport America - $15.00 - Full hookups).

So after packing up this morning and saying our goodbyes, that is where we headed.

Love the barns, farms and signs along the way:

09-28-13 A Travel Loudonville to Celina (2)

09-28-13 A Travel Loudonville to Celina (8)

09-28-13 A Travel Loudonville to Celina (10)

09-28-13 A Travel Loudonville to Celina (13)

09-28-13 A Travel Loudonville to Celina (15)

Love the sign - although the spelling should be different - Smile:

09-28-13 A Travel Loudonville to Celina (5)

By the time you finished reading this, the light will be green:

09-28-13 A Travel Loudonville to Celina (6)

For those of us who travel, sometimes we don’t know what days are school days.  Yes, they are different in different parts of the country.

We arrived at the Fairgrounds early afternoon and met the campground host - Doc - nice guy.  He has a jack Russell named Tinker.  Andy loves Jack Russell dogs and we once had a dog named Tinker - Smile

We set up and went to the local Moose for supper - great time.  Afterwards we checked out the town and area - As I finished this blog there is a Jeep/Truck Rally here at the fairground - LOTS of noise but sounds like a lot of fun.

Miles Traveled: 159 Miles

Routes Traveled:

Ohio: SR-3; SR-39; I-71; US-30; SR-696; I-75; US-33; SR-29; SR-703; West Market Street 

Sunday, September 29

We woke to rain, rain and more rain.  We did a few things around the motorhome including some paperwork items that we needed to address.  I took a quick run to Wal-Mart and we finished the day by watching football (and of course, me on the computer - Smile)

Tomorrow we head to Decatur, Illinois to Fleetwood.

Stay tuned and enjoy today.

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