September 24 - 27, 2013 Fleetwood Bounder Rally

What a wonderful time we have had here at the Bounder Rally.  There were over 100 Bounders in the campground  - from a 1992 to 2013.  It was really interesting to see all the different colors, sizes, types and even the 2014 Bounders to come.

So let’s see if I can get caught up on what we did.

Tuesday, September 24

We were basically free until 4 PM when they had the first-timers meeting.  There are two Bounder groups - Bounders United (which is mostly on the west coast) and Bounders of America (which is mostly on the east coast).  This was a joint rally which they have every two years.  (Still not sure why they have two groups - Sad smile).    When we got the Bounder, we were in Arizona and a gentleman in the park recommended we join Bounders United.   We did but never did anything with it.  Anyway, when we introduced ourselves at the First-Timers meeting and said we did not belong to a chapter, the Keystone Kangaroos adopted us (for the week actually).  How wonderful.  That chapter belongs to the Bounders of America group.  I think the next time we are home for a little while, we will join both the BoA and Keystone group.  What great folks.

That evening was a great dinner, entertainment, and opening ceremonies.  The Keystone Group invited us to sit with them and we met more folks from that chapter.

Wednesday, September 25

Our first stop this morning was the vendor marketplace where we felt we hit the jackpot.  One couple was coming off the road and was selling their “stuff”.  We picked up a Wineguard Carryout Automatic Dish for $50.00 (brand new - ~$600) and a container pipe for our sewer hose which was brand new for $10.00 (Normally around $40.00).  So back home we went to try out the dish and it works - YEA!!!   For those who don’t know, we have Direct TV and we have a dish on our roof and a portable dish.  When we stop, the one on the roof works great, as long as there is no trees in the way or the wind is not blowing.  We then set up the portable and try to find the right place to point (if you know Andy and I, we usually have a problem communicating when we do this).  With this automatic dish, we set it outside, make sure it is level and it automatically finds the satellite.  YAHOO!

This afternoon, we went to two seminars.  Both were given by JD Adams of Elkhart Service and Collision. The first one was on RV Renovations and Upgrades.  JD told and showed us some general ways to go in updating - either by his company or do it yourselfers.  He was very practical on what works in an RV and what doesn’t work.   We have been thinking of updating our Bounder so it was great to get some of this info.  His shop is in Elkhart so we talked with him about stopping by and getting an estimate.  Now I just need to figure out what I want to do.

The second seminar was Maintenance 101 where we both picked up some great tidbits on things to use.  (Even my Andy said it was a good seminar - Smile).

We went to supper at the Hanover House in downtown Loudonville with the Keystone chapter - great food and great company.  Afterwards there was entertainment at the Conference Center - Matt Young who sang some great songs from the 50’s and 60’s.

Thursday, September 26

We hung out this morning then I went to the Red Hat Luncheon while Andy went to the Romeo Luncheon.  What a fun time - everyone got a little gift and we had entertainment too Smile.

Afterwards, Andy and I went to the Rand McNally Seminar on the RV GPS - 7720.  We bought a 5510 a few years ago and have never been happy with it.  The seminar went well.  We did talk with the vendor afterwards and she feels we may have got a lemon.  The first year we had the unit we called customer service a number of times and they could never help us so we figured the 5510 was not really a decent unit.  Then we went out and bought a Garmin, which we love!  She felt that Rand McNally should have given us a new one.  She gave us a few things to try and then call them again.  Personally, I was not impressed with their customer service on ANY of the phone calls we made.

After that was the Ice Cream Social - YUM!  We finished the evening with the Keystone Chapter Campfire - I really liked this chapter.

Friday, September 27

Our day started with the Bounders United meeting - still not sure why there are two groups.  Hopefully they can become one Bounder Group in the near future.

We were free until 5:30 where we had another great dinner, closing ceremonies, and entertainment by the GeezeCats who played and sang 50’s and 60’s music.


I have belonged to the Bounder Yahoo Group for quite a while and it was great to put some faces to the names.  Mike and Diane, Frank, and Jim were gracious in showing us their rigs and what they have done to them.  I had asked some questions on the boards and they were very helpful in answering them.  Thanks.  Smile


Mohican Adventures Campground was huge.  One of the mornings, I took a walk around and was near the pond at the right time for the reflections.

09-25-13 A Mohican Adventures CG  (4)

09-25-13 A Mohican Adventures CG  (8)a

09-25-13 A Mohican Adventures CG  (6)

Our site is on the right:

09-25-13 A Mohican Adventures CG  (2)


Overall we had a great time and learned a lot.  Next year there is a Bounders United Rally in Pahrump, NV and a BOA Rally near Houston, TX.  Maybe???


Tomorrow we head further west so stay tuned and enjoy today.




Judy and Emma said...

I'm glad you enjoyed your time at the rally.

Diane said...

Thanks Judy, I hope all goes well with your refrigerator. I know how frustrating that may be.. Safe travels.