June 9, 2013 - Our Last Day in the Tetons

Ann called us this morning to let us know about the moose who was hanging around the RV’s.  I did not go out but watched thru the window - another WOW!

After saying our goodbyes to Roy and Ann of http://roanontheroad.blogspot.com who are headed north, we got our acts together and went to the service at the Church of the Transfiguration.  This was the church we visited the other day:

06-04-13 C Tetons Menors Ferry Area (41)

This was our view for the entire service - it was inspirational.

06-04-13 C Tetons Menors Ferry Area (43)

After the service, we stopped in the visitor center in Jackson Hole.  The center also includes a museum on the National Elk Refuge which is located slightly north of Jackson.  The refuge is the wintering grounds of over 4500 elk.

We were looking for information on Yellowstone Park also.  And to our dismay, we found out that there is no place for us in the park for the next week - Sad smile!.  So we are not sure what we are doing at this time.

After that stop, we went to the local flea market and I got to talking with a woman who did dichroic glass in her RV and the equipment she has to do that craft.   A while ago, I decided that my next hobby would be either quilting or dichroic glass and she made the glass hobby more realistic than I thought..  Hmmmmm....we will see.

Back home we just did some odds and ends and had supper over a nice campfire.  Later this evening, I finished all the blogs and hope to upload when I have access.

In 1997, we were in this area and remember it fondly.  Over the past week, this fondness has grown.  If we could afford it, we would have a summer lot here.  Between the mountains, valleys, animals and scenery, all I can say is oh, my!

Tomorrow we are heading north - still not sure where so stay tuned.

Enjoy today!

(If you have called me or left me any notes on the internet, I am still off line.  Hopefully over the next few days, I will be able to log on and get/send calls.)

To Denis and Sandra of  http://letendrestraveljournal.blogspot.com  - Hopefully our paths will cross again.

Enjoy today and stay tuned for our next adventure.


Anonymous said...

Diana: about 3 miles North of West Yellowstone, MT. Is a nice forest service campground (Bakers Hole) some sites have 30/50 amp service. NO dump station. The sites without power are cheap. First come first served.


Diane said...

Hi Murphy,

That is exactly where we stayed - it is a BEAUTIFUL Campground...:-))) Hugs to you and Gail.