March 10, 2013 – Bizarre Day

My normal morning ritual is get up, feed the cats, pour a cup of coffee, and check my email.  Occasionally one of the kitties will jump on my lap and fall asleep.  Well this morning, they both wanted lap time – how funny.

03-10-13 A Hi Jolly Quartzsite 001 

Today was also chore day so I headed first to the transfer station to get rid of our garbage – they are only open Sunday thru Wednesday.  Then to the laundry on 95 – Nice place – reasonable, clean, and free Wi-Fi.  While there I met a woman from Pennsylvania who is now full timing.  She is also going to Bead Week – small world.   Anyway, she spends quite a bit of time in Quartzsite and told me about a number of the beading and crafting activities that happen at the QIA.  I had seen their calendar but I thought you had to be a member – apparently not.  So next season, I will need to check it out – :-)

Back home, Andy and I started packing up some things – we will be heading out tomorrow.  I also did some reading and beading and watched our neighborhood get crowded.

Here we are on last Monday:

03-04-13 C Quartzsite - Hi Jolly 004 

Can you even find us today?:

03-10-13 A Hi Jolly Quartzsite 011

Here is the cluster of RV’s around us (there was another one that parked behind us not too long after this picture was taken):

03-10-13 A Hi Jolly Quartzsite 004

Now the next four pictures show how much room there is here:

03-10-13 A Hi Jolly Quartzsite 006

03-10-13 A Hi Jolly Quartzsite 007

03-10-13 A Hi Jolly Quartzsite 008

03-10-13 A Hi Jolly Quartzsite 009

And behind this 5th wheel, there is another whole area that is EMPTY.  So for a number of days, I could sit at my dinette, look out the front, side and back windows and have a clear view of the sunsets, mountains, etc.   Not anymore!

All I can say is BIZARRE – a whole area to park in and ?????  And only 2 RV’s are together – ?????  We watched people from different RVs go check out other RV’s (walked around it , etc.).  You know, we have been coming to the desert for 5 years now and I have never experienced this.  If we weren’t leaving tomorrow, I would definitely be moving to the other side.  Can I say it again – BIZARRE!

I truly was tempted to knock on every door and have a happy hour just to get to know the thinking behind this but then again the checking of the other RVs unnerved me.


Tomorrow we are heading to North Ranch, an Escape Park near Wickenburg.  We will be there for three weeks – Bead Week is the end of the month, can’t wait.

Enjoy today! Open-mouthedLeft HugRed rose


KarenInTheWoods and Steveio said...

Isn't that amazing how they all cluster around you instead of going far far away????

Karen and Steve
The USA Is Our Big Backyard

Diane said...

Not sure why either Karen, it was really strange...never had that happen before.