February 12 to February 17, 2012 - The Steps, Lake Havasu, and Fireworks

This is our site here at the Steps” – John and Geri; Sue and Bruce, Us:

02-14-12 A The Steps 039

On Friday, Bill and Shelly joined us:

02-17-13 A Lake Havasu 005

And here we are:

02-14-12 A The Steps 008

And this is our group – there was almost 100 rigs – :-))):

02-14-12 A The Steps 007

02-14-12 A The Steps 003 

We met Rusty on Day 2.  This is his rig – that he built.  He was a very interesting fellow and camped up the hill from us:

02-12-13 A The Steps 005 

 02-12-13 A The Steps 010

So many times when we meet people like Rusty, we tend to ignore them and I am just as guilty.  But for some reason, I wanted to hear his story.  He spent 30 years in the service, retired and started walking and camping.  Two years ago he built this because he is having health issues and can no longer sleep in the elements.  And I keep thinking – “There but for the grace of God, go I.”  Later in the week, Andy and I talked with him at his campsite and when we said goodbye, he said “God bless you”.   I wanted to give him a hug.

So while we were here, we did some walking around the hills and washes:

  02-14-12 A The Steps 014

02-17-13 A Lake Havasu 003

02-14-12 A The Steps 010  

02-17-13 A Lake Havasu 002

02-14-12 A The Steps 018

 02-14-12 A The Steps 019 

02-14-12 A The Steps 032

02-14-12 A The Steps 037

02-14-12 A The Steps 016

At the top of the hill – Renada, Mike, Geri, John, Sue, Bruce, me, Andy”

02-14-12 A The Steps 027

The boys did some exploring in the Jeep:

02-13-12 B The Steps 4x4 008

02-13-12 B The Steps 4x4 010

We went to the Lake Havasu Elks once for ribs and the second time for prime rib – YUM!

02-13-12 C Elks Lake Havasu 002

We also had a great potluck picnic – Ed’s birthday party; and a BBQ at Kathy and Dennis’s house in Lake Havasu (Thanks for having us – :-))

And, of course, the AWESOME fireworks show!

02-15-13 A Lake Havasu Fireworks 015

02-15-13 A Lake Havasu Fireworks 005

02-15-13 A Lake Havasu Fireworks 010


And videos – click on the links below:

Fireworks 1

Fireworks 2

We have had a wonderful time at the Steps but alas, it is time to move on.  Tomorrow we head to Parker for a few weeks so stay tuned.

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