November 7 , 2012 – Gettysburg Diorama, Ghost Lab, Eternal Light Peace Memorial

The Artillery Ridge Campground gave us complimentary tickets to the Gettysburg Diorama so that is where we headed today. 

This diorama is the largest military diorama in the United States and it is very impressive.  I wished we had done this the first day because it gives the whole layout of Gettysburg and the outlying areas.  The show was okay but just seeing the diorama and the location of all the landmarks (many that are still here) is well worth the show.

 11-07-10 A Gettysburg Diorama 005

11-07-10 A Gettysburg Diorama 012

11-07-10 A Gettysburg Diorama 013  


We also got tickets to the Ghost Lab and all I can say is “hokey.”   Gettysburg is known as being one of the most haunted places in the world and there are many “haunted tours”.   With haunted places comes lots of history and other stories and since the latter is my interest I usually don’t do the haunted tours unless they include the real history and stories.


Our next stop was the Eternal Light Peace Memorial.

“Veterans of the Union and Confederate armies from across the nation converged on Gettysburg in 1938 – 75 years after the battle – for their last great reunion.  All Civil War veterans were invited with expenses paid, and nearly 2000 attended.  The majority were in their 90’s and many were over 100.

On the warm evening of Sunday, July 3, they gathered here with others to dedicate a monument to peace and national unity.  President Franklin D. Roosevelt delivered the dedication speech to a crowd estimated at 200,000.

The monument, designed by Paul Philippe Cret, is built of Alabama limestone and Maine granite, topped by a natural gas touch to be lit eternally to symbolize the unity of the United States.”

11-07-10 C Gettysburg NMP 007 

More information at:   http://www.gettysburg.stonesentinels.com/Other/Peace.php

“The memorial's $60,000 cost was provided by donations from states both north and south. Its base is made of Maine granite, while the shaft is of a lighter colored Alabama limestone. The gas-lit eternal flame burned until 1979 when it was replaced by electricity, but it was restored in 1988. The monument was the inspiration for the eternal flame on President Kennedy's grave at Arlington National Cemetery. “

Views from the memorial:

11-07-10 C Gettysburg NMP 012   

11-07-10 C Gettysburg NMP 016

11-07-10 C Gettysburg NMP 018

And more monument views:

 11-07-10 C Gettysburg NMP 027

11-07-10 C Gettysburg NMP 029


We relaxed the rest of the afternoon/evening by watching the movie “Gettysburg” (which I picked up this past summer at a book sale).  This movie was filmed here at the National Park and throughout Adams County.  Great movie – :-)!


Enjoy today.


Judy Luke Rinehimer said...

In 2008 we stayed at the same RV Park and saw the diarama. An odd little fellow onsite had loaned an artifact to the collection around the room and was quick to point out an historical error -- something to do with something on a uniform. He was so proud that he knew about it.

Also, we didn't take the group tour bus, but instead used a docent that drove our car and shared the details of the battle. He wss from Texas and participated in the re-enactments as a Confederate soldier. When we stopped st the Peace Memorial, a bus load of West Point War College soldiers arrived. After studying the battle scenes they concluded their trip to Gettysburg at the Peace Memorial.

BTW, not only was that my first trip to Gettysburg, it was also Luke's first trip, even though he grew up in Berwick, PA.

Chuck and Jan Moore said...

Wonderful post. Loved seeing it through your eyes. We really want to go there! Hugs, J&C

Diane said...

Thanks Judy, Tell Luke, I know how he feels. There are so many things so close to our stick house that we don't see..until our RVing friends tell us about them.

We did see the option of the docent and thought about it. I think next time I will do that just to get more in depth.

See you soon.

Diane said...

Jan and Chuck, Great place - definitely put it on your "bucket list". See you soon.