April 1, 2012 – Travel to Casa Grande

After saying our goodbyes all around and getting supplied by some wonderful cookies by Elena, we headed south thru Phoenix and on to Casa Grande.  Today was the first time we pulled into the park and did not have to stop at the office.  Very cool having our own lot.
After setting up, we visited Katy and Gary who were on duty today.  I brought some info to Katy about Bead Week and we had a great time getting caught up.  On my way back home, I stopped to see Pam and Ross.  Pam was out and we had a great time chatting and hope to get caught up more later this week.  We met Pam and Ross in January 2009 in Quartzsite and they also just got a lot here in Casa Grande.  Cool!
We expect to be here at least two weeks to get some things done around the motorhome and plan our future journey.  We are also expecting a number of items in the mail – it is nice to have an address instead of General Delivery!  And depending on the temperature, we may stay longer – :-) so stay tuned.  So I will probably not blog until we are ready to go on – sorry.  (and a hug to Murphy who lets me know when I have not updated – :-)))

Miles Traveled: 133 miles
Routes Traveled:
Arizona: SR-89; US-93; US-60; SR-303; I-10; SR-387; Cottonwood Lane; Thornton Road, SR-84; South Montgomery Road
Until then – have a wonderful Easter and great days:
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KarenInTheWoods and Steveio said...

Nice to settle in for a bit and get some things done... gotta take time out for the routine stuff, eh?

Karen and Steve
(Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

Anonymous said...

And a find job of updating the blog too. Murphy

Diane said...

Thanks, Murphy - :-)))

Diane said...

Karen, Yep.. I want to make some things for the motorhome before we start our summer travels - :-))).

Anonymous said...

Diane: that is a nice, BIG bra you made for Andy.g

Diane said...

Murphy, Andy will be looking for you to help him fill it - HAHA!!!
So glad it is done! (For those following the blog - will have a picture in the next update!)