February 25, 2012 Poston and Earp

After doing my research the other night on the Poston camps, we set out to find the ruins of Camp Poston Number 1.   And we found it:

 02-25-12 A Poston Camp 1 001

02-25-12 A Poston Camp 1 003

02-25-12 A Poston Camp 1 002 

02-25-12 A Poston Camp 1 010

02-25-12 A Poston Camp 1 012 

02-25-12 A Poston Camp 1 018

02-25-12 A Poston Camp 1 020 

We could not get into the fenced area and once we saw the main road blocked by dirt piles, we figured we better not trespass out of respect for the project underway to restore many of the building as well as the stories and memories of this time.  Here is the link with more information:   http://postonupdates.blogspot.com/

From there we made a scenic drive back to Earp over the Colorado River:

02-25-12 B Colorado River near Poston 006

02-25-12 B Colorado River near Poston 001

If you look at the above pictures, one side of the river is farmland and the other is desert – amazing!

And we stopped in Earp, California to do a cache by these ruins (could not find out anything about them – sorry):

02-25-12 C Earp CA Cache 007

Did you know Earp, California was named in honor of Wyatt Earp?  In 1906 Wyatt Earp and his third wife, Josie came to Vidal (close to Earp) and filed more than 100 mining claims in the area.  Earp (formerly known as Drennan) was the site of some of those claims and in 1930 when the post office was established, the settlement was renamed Earp in Wyatt Earp’s honor.  Very interesting!

This evening we enjoyed a great steak dinner at the club house – yum!


Enjoy today.


February 23 - 24, 2012 The Colorado River


This morning our power went off about 8 AM but not before I was able to do a little mending with the sewing machine – :-))).  Since it was still a little chilly (~ 48 degrees), we decided to head to Parker for a few supplies.

Back at the RV with the weather warming up and the river calling us, we inflated the kayak and headed out.  It was BEAUTIFUL! 

We first paddled upstream, then across to this development.  Glenda and Don told us about all the canals around the homes – WOW – I would love to see the inside of some of them – :-).

Anyway, we went in this area:

  02-23-12 Colorado River Emerald Cove 003

And came out down river:

02-23-12 Colorado River Emerald Cove 004

Sorry no pictures – we did not want to bring our cameras (just in case).

Andy dropped me off and then went out a little longer – he is in the center of the picture:

02-23-12 Colorado River Emerald Cove 001

The weather has been beautiful – 80’s during the day and 40’s at night.  So we just took it easy all afternoon.  Don and Elise stopped by and we got caught up with each other.  Hopefully our paths will cross again this season.

Today, Friday, was my do nothing day.  I did get caught up with the blog so over the next few days they will all be published. 

Life doesn’t get any better than this – :-)!


February 22, 2012 – Poston and Blythe Intaglios


For a few years, finding the Poston camp has been on my bucket list so today we were off to try to find it.  I stopped by the Visitor Center and they told me that there is only a monument, no buildings left.  However, my research on the internet shows that there is buildings there – we just need to find them.

Poston is located on the Colorado River Indian Tribe Reservation.    A little history on the CRITR:  In 1775, when Father Garces of Spain journeyed the Colorado River area, he found native people (Mohave and Chemehuevi) living along the river in communities where they had done for thousands of years.  The King of Spain recognized the sovereignty of the sole occupants of the territory and treated them as such.  When Mexico seceded from Spain, they continued to recognize this sovereignty.  In 1848, Mexico signed the treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo and admonished the United States to do the same recognition of the Colorado River Native Peoples.  Today the reservation also includes the Hopi and Navajo tribes and their primary industry is agriculture (although in recent years they are now branching out to other industries).

Once we turned onto Mohave Road, we went thru the farming areas:

02-22-12 A CRIT Reservation 004

After about 12 miles we arrived at the monument:

02-22-12 B Poston War Memorial 023

Now, you ask, what is all this about. Well, in 1942, right after Pearl Harbor, over 120,000 persons of Japanese Ancestry living throughout the western states were evacuated and interned in fifteen centers (in other words, detention centers.)  In this area, Poston, there were three camps which held over 17,000 people.  A few years ago I read an article about this camp and there are a number of books about it so I just felt compelled to find it.

Here is a great link:  http://www.javadc.org/poston.htm   and if you want to know more just Google “Poston Camp”.

This Memorial Monument stands 30 feet high and 7 feet wide with a hexagonal base in the form of a Japanese stone lantern.  It is dedicated to the people who were incarcerated at this site from May 5, 1942 to November 28, 1945; to the solders from the camps who were killed in action and to the Colorado River Indian Tribes on whose land the Monument stands.

It is a pretty sobering memorial about our past.

We did not find the buildings so tonight we did more research and hope to head out again to find them.

From there we headed to Ehrenberg, then Blythe where we had lunch in one of the local diners – :-)).  And then back up California SR95, where we did a side trip to the Blythe Intaglios: 02-22-12 C Blythe Intaglios 001

02-22-12 C Blythe Intaglios 002a

02-22-12 C Blythe Intaglios 003a

02-22-12 C Blythe Intaglios 005 

02-22-12 C Blythe Intaglios 006a

02-22-12 C Blythe Intaglios 007 

   02-22-12 C Blythe Intaglios 021a 

02-22-12 C Blythe Intaglios 027

Very interesting, aren’t they.

Pictures from around that area:

The road to the Intaglios:

02-22-12 C Blythe Intaglios 013

What a contrast – desert – farming:

02-22-12 C Blythe Intaglios 028

02-22-12 C Blythe Intaglios 024

02-22-12 C Blythe Intaglios 016

02-22-12 C Blythe Intaglios 015

What a great day!

Enjoy today.


February 21, 2012 Geocaching

Another beautiful day in paradise – :-)

We got caught up on a few things this morning and when the power we out, we went geocaching – :-). 

We took off thru the campground, then the road, then off the road, all the while watching where we stepped cause of the burro poop – LOL!

 02-21-12 B Geocaching by Emerald Cove 002

We did not see any burros but were told there are many in this area along with their babies – :-)).

Then we found this building and the information:

02-21-12 B Geocaching by Emerald Cove 010

02-21-12 B Geocaching by Emerald Cove 012

02-21-12 B Geocaching by Emerald Cove 011a 

02-21-12 B Geocaching by Emerald Cove 013a

 02-21-12 B Geocaching by Emerald Cove 014a 

How interesting!

So then we decided to go after another cache close by – famous last words.  Well we went down the wrong wash and then decided to try again and finally got it – YEA!.  But along the way, oh my, what cool scenery:

02-21-12 B Geocaching by Emerald Cove 019

02-21-12 B Geocaching by Emerald Cove 021

02-21-12 B Geocaching by Emerald Cove 022

02-21-12 B Geocaching by Emerald Cove 024


02-21-12 B Geocaching by Emerald Cove 026

02-21-12 B Geocaching by Emerald Cove 033

 02-21-12 B Geocaching by Emerald Cove 039


02-21-12 B Geocaching by Emerald Cove 043

A memorial:

02-21-12 B Geocaching by Emerald Cove 058

And I think this guy is lost:

02-21-12 B Geocaching by Emerald Cove 061

Andy and I have just started to geocache and today was one of those days where it was not the destination but the journey – so many neat things we saw and would not have without those caches – :-))).

As we were crossing the road back into the campground, a car pulled over and it was Elise and Don – gosh, I am always amazed at how small this world is when we met people and see them again.  How wonderful!


The power came back on by 6 but will be going off and on for the next two days – apparently the CA power company is doing some work on the grid.  (??)

Laugh when you can,

Apologize when you should,

Let go of things you can't change,

Life is too short to be anything but happy.


February 20, 2012 – A Short Move

After saying some of our goodbyes, we made the short move (with a stop to Wal-Mart first) to Earp, California (about 20 miles) and are now at Emerald Cove – one of the Colorado River Adventure parks.  We were hoping for a river site but we are one back – maybe next season – :-))

Here is our site:

02-20-12 Emerald Cove 003

Upriver:02-20-12 Emerald Cove 005 Downriver:

02-20-12 Emerald Cove 004

Part of the welcoming committee:

02-20-12 Emerald Cove 008

The kitties are happy:

02-21-12 A Emerald Cove 001

02-21-12 A Emerald Cove 006

After cleaning and doing laundry, Andy and I checked out the rest of the park – and stopped at their Happy Hour – :-))).

We hope to do some sightseeing while we are here so stay tuned.

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