December 6-12 , 2011 – A Great Time in Casa Grande

Here is our spot at the SKP Park:

 12-09-11 Casa Grande 016

We have been having a great time here – mostly socializing – :-)).

On Tuesday afternoon, there was a knock on the door and it was Lynne.  She and Fred were on their way to Tucson and decided to stay here for two nights.  Great to see them and we enjoyed getting caught up and having a shared supper.

On Wednesday morning, we got a call from our friends, Bill and Shelly, who we last saw in Albuquerque.  They were on their way and came in that afternoon in their beautiful, new to them, motorhome.   We got together with them and Lynne and Fred and had another great time getting caught up and having pizza.

On Thursday, Lynne and Fred moved east – we will see them later this month.  Thursday evening, Bill, Andy, Shelly and I headed over to Arizona City to the Moose Lodge.  This is Andy’s home lodge – very nice.  We hope to visit more and get more involved.

On Friday, Shelly and I went to line dancing in the morning.  What a hoot and the folks were just wonderful teaching us.  They have it three times a week and we hope to continue to go.  It was a nice little workout for my body as well as my brain – trying to remember the steps.  Then we did a girls day of shopping – what fun.  Here we are goofing off at Happy Hour:

12-09-11 Casa Grande 004

On Saturday, the four of us headed to Mesa to the Mesa Marketplace and Swap Meet.  It is HUGE!  They were having a car show, which the guys enjoyed.  Another great time.

On Sunday, Bill and Shelly invited us for dinner – it was wonderful.  And we finished the evening at the Club’s Ice Cream Social – Yum!

On Monday morning, Shelly and I were back at Line Dancing – we are having a great time and learning more – :-))).


I think this is probably one of the most friendliest CO-OPs in the park.  Monday thru Friday they have a Happy Hour that is attended by most of the park.  This is where many announcements are made, new people are welcomed and goodbyes are said to those leaving.  They also have birthday and anniversary announcements.  And the “Moron Tabanapple” Choirs sings – How funny.   Here  are two clips from one of those sing-along's:




Yep, lots of noise – what a hoot – :-)))!

We are currently number 12 on the list.  And from what we were told, there are a number of lots up for sale so who knows, maybe we will have one at the end of this season.


One of the reasons we are staying here for the month is to get some things done on the motorhome.  First on the list is the day/night shades.  Two of the small ones ripped so we replaced them with mini-blinds.  The cord on one of the larger ones frayed and we could not move it.   We took it down, tried to fix it and the cord broke.  So our dilemma was whether we wanted to restring or put up mini-blinds.   And the final decision was mini-blinds that we got from Home-Depot.   Here is the replacement.

 12-09-11 Casa Grande 007

In this photo the day shade is on the left and the new mini-blinds on the right – what do you think?

12-09-11 Casa Grande 014


Another item on our list is my computer.  Those who have followed my blog for a long time know the issues I have had which Dell did fix.  However it is now out of warranty and even though it is the same issue, I am on my own.  It has not failed yet but I am slowly preparing for the day.     We have been doing some research and trying to decide what to do.  Some of our options:

- Update Andy’s computer to Windows 7 and get a keyboard/docking station for the tablet.

- Get another computer when mine goes.

- Do nothing.

Right now I am heading towards doing nothing. (In short, make the move to Andy’s computer and see how it goes.)  So stay tuned for that one.

And that brings us to today – Monday.   We were up early this morning to take our little Bella to the vet to be spayed and we pick her up at 4 so stay tuned.  They told us that she has to wear a collar for 10 days..This will be an adventure.

Enjoy today.


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