December 5, 2011 Travel to Casa Grande

We left our little spot this morning, stopped for gas, and headed east.  And are you ready for this – I DROVE part of the way.  All of it was on the interstate but it is a start for me.   My plans are to try and drive a part of every trip to get use to the motorhome.   And I am also happy to report that Andy did well while I was driving.  :-))

We arrived in Casa Grande and are staying here (Rover’s Roost – a SKP Co-op Park) for a month - (until January 5, 2011).   As some of you know, we usually spend the month of December here every year.  It is a great little place and we are moving up on the list for a lot.   Right now we are number 12 and there are a few coming up for sale.  I don’t think we will get one this season but hopefully next season.

The happy hour is great and it was good to see some familiar faces.   Looking forward to doing a few things while we are here so stay tuned.  (And I do promise more pictures again – :-)))

Stats for today:

Miles Traveled: 168 Miles

Routes Traveled:

Arizona: Yuma Lakes Resort; E County 6th Street; South Laguna Dam Road; AZ-95 South; Fortuna Road; I-8 East; Montgomery Road 


Sharon Del Rosario said...

Good for you for driving part of the way, Diane! And you might consider taking lessons, to build your knowledge and confidence. I know the RV Driving School is being sold (we know both the current owners and the soon-to-be ones) and will be having a gathering in Quartzsite in January. Will also be at the Western Area Rally for Escapees (WARE) in Lodi, CA in April.

Diane said...

Thanks, Sharon,

Just sent you an email.. :-))

Hope all is well.