November 9-13, 2011 Puttsying in Pahrump

Living in a motorhome is no different than living in a house – eventually things break and/or maintenance and cleaning/sorting need to be done.  

One of the main reasons we have our name on the list here is their great maintenance area which includes a work shed and a pit.  Those of you who know my Andy, know he loves to tinker and this is better than at home – he can change the oil and grease the motorhome without laying on the ground.  :-))).

Another nice thing about doing the work at a SKP Park is that once I clean out and organize,  any thing I need to get rid of (you know, “Good Stuff”), there is a selling table – the proceeds go to CARE or to the park.  Makes me happy – :-))) - keeps it out of the landfill.

We did get to a few of the Happy Hours and reconnected with people that we met last year.   And their beading group has grown to 3 days a week.  (Will need to check that out next year.)   Plus we visited our first Moose Lodge – great group of folks.

We also took the cats to the vets.  It was Bella’s first appointment and she did well.  The vet thinks she is 7-8 months old which was a surprise to us.  When we found her, she was very small – I figured that she was about 10 weeks old – turns out she was 4-5 months old.  But she is doing good.  Her next series of shots will be in December and we will get her fixed then also.  Anyone know of a good vet in Casa Grande, Arizona???

Our Dusty has been having bouts of “travel tummy” but otherwise doing good.   So the both of them are on medicine right now in case it is a parasite.  What an ordeal to give Dusty medicine – oh my…  Hopefully this will take care of it – if not, he will be also seeing the vet.

So tomorrow we will be moving on down south – Lake Havasu area and Colorado River Adventures (that is another story for another time).

Until next time, enjoy today.


(BTW, Puttsying is not a word, just my slang – :-))

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