November 16-17, 2011 – Colorado River Adventure Members

November 16

We showed up this morning for our “sales” presentation and are you ready…we purchased a membership – are we nuts or what????

Anyway as some of you may know, we are currently on the list of three different Escapee Co-op Parks.  We had decided that we would only keep 2 of those lots when our name came up.   After discussing what this membership offers, we decided we would buy in and only do one Escapee lot.

So did we do the right thing…well only time will tell.

The nice thing about this is that they have parks all along the Colorado River – which will be “free” camping.  We hope to try out the park in Yuma over Thanksgiving so stay tuned.

This afternoon we worked on one of the window shades on our slide.  The string had broke and we were not sure what we wanted to do.  So last week, we purchased blinds to see how they might work ($2.87 at WalMart).  Well today we took the shade and the “wood stuff” down and put up the blind.  Not bad but we need a wider one.  Now we will just see how it works when we travel.   Hmmm, may replace a few more day/night shades..

November 17

When Andy and I spend money, we both have doubts on whether we did the right thing or not.   So this morning we talked to a few of our neighbors who are members.   From there we went to Parker to check out another park in the system – nice place – :-))).   And our last stop was back at the office to have more questions answered and make reservations at the park in Yuma.   Did we get all our questions answered – yes.  Only time will tell if we made the right move so stay tuned for our adventure.

Many years again, people came to this area to mine gold, silver, copper and other minerals.   They used burros to haul many of their goods as well as work animals at the mines.   When they left, they let the burros go and fend for themselves.   And, of course, they multiplied – :-))).   Today we saw two of those burros:


11-17-11 A Burros on Parker Dam Road 003 

Aren’t they cute?


Since we have good WiFi in the park, I have been playing around on youtube.

I just need to share two videos with you:

The first (thanks Bruce):

AMAZING GRACE, SUNG IN THE COLISEUM IN ROME, JUST WAIT TILL YOU HEAR THE MIDDLE......the song was written for this instrument. (The Human Voice!)


Click here: AMAZING GRACE Sung by 4 Men Beautifully!



The second (thanks Tom):

The Beauty of Nature, Caught in Slow Motion..

This is an incredible little video.  Slow motion captures each of these wondrous creatures at their best.



And I will leave you with one last picture – our little Bella sleeping:

11-16-11 A Havasu Springs Resort 001

Tomorrow we are heading to Quartzsite for a few days and then to Yuma so stay tuned!

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