September 2-4, 2011 – Clouds, Birds of Prey and Hanging Out

Hard to believe that we have been here two weeks already and hard to believe it is time to move on. :-) for moving on and :-( for leaving Shenandoah… we will be back.

Anyway, our last two days have been relaxing, just hanging out and talking with the neighbors, walking around, reading and doing what I call putzeying (not sure if that is how it is spelled).   We have enjoyed evening campfires and the sun when it was out.

One of our campfires.   Check out the size of those marshmallows (thanks Deb and Ken for introducing us to them – “a meal in itself”):

09-02-11 Shenandoah NP 011

09-02-11 Shenandoah NP 009

We had showers every day but they did not last long.   Friday night and Saturday afternoon, the clouds actually came thru the campground.   One moment it was sunny then it looked like this:

09-02-11 Shenandoah NP 001

On Saturday morning, we went to the Ranger talk on “Birds of Prey” and learned all about the different birds of prey in the area.  Shenandoah NP works with a local wildlife center in helping to rehabilitate these beautiful birds.

Some pictures:

 09-03-11 Shenandoah NP Birds of Prey 031

09-03-11 Shenandoah NP Birds of Prey 023a 

09-03-11 Shenandoah NP Birds of Prey 049

09-03-11 Shenandoah NP Birds of Prey 061a

09-03-11 Shenandoah NP Birds of Prey 070

09-03-11 Shenandoah NP Birds of Prey 104

Aren’t they amazing – how about those colors.  WOW!

I have talked about the many deer we see that walk thru the campground.  Our little Dusty does notice them but does not really pay attention to the doe or fawn.  The buck, however, holds his attention:

09-04-11 Shenandoah NP 016

09-04-11 Shenandoah NP 007 

The pictures were taken out our front window – the dark spot is Dusty checking them out.


Tomorrow, 5th, we continue our journey westward so stay tuned and enjoy today.

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