September 17-18, 2011 Rain, Throwed Rolls and the Kitties

Rain, Rain, Rain, Thunder, Lightning, Thunder, Rain, and more rain. 

Oh my – that is what our past two days have been. 

There is a little river at the end of the campground that we have been watching get higher and higher.  So on Sunday (when the rain stopped for a short time), I got out to take some pictures:

  09-18-11 Turkey Creek 005

09-18-11 Turkey Creek 008

09-18-11 Turkey Creek 010

WOW, was it flowing.   This is the same river that we kayaked in the spring of 2010.  We had hoped to do it again but not in this weather.

Here is our site:

09-18-11 Turkey Creek 004

There is a lot to see and do in this area, however, we spent most of the time getting caught up around the motorhome .  Oh well.

Saturday night we (Andy, Bruce, Sue, and I) went to Lamberts Cafe – home of the Throwed Rolls – in Ozark, MO and had a great time.  We were at a Lamberts in Foley, Alabama last March and just enjoyed the entertainment.   See they come around and if you want a roll, they throw it to you – what a hoot!    It was a nice break from the dreary day.


And on Sunday, we all figured out where we are headed next so stay tuned – :-))).

The kitties have been waking me up very early the past two mornings – on Saturday it was 4:30 AM and on Sunday it was 5:30 AM.  Yikees.  They were running back and forth and playing and then fighting and then running over me.  Then by midmorning, they were sleeping with each other:

 09-17-11 Turkey Creek 001 (1)

AWWWWW – are they just the cutest?

09-17-11 Turkey Creek 001 (8)

Tomorrow we are heading to Oklahoma, actually Okay, OK to the Dam Site – so stay tuned.


KarenInTheWoods and Steveio said...

Thanks for the pretty shots! Looks like a nice place. And your kitties look pretty danged comfortable too----

Karen and Steve
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Anonymous said...

I just loved Branson. Havent been there in a while. We went to Lamberts in Ozark also, Yumm. Have fun. Will we see you in Q next January? Travel Safe.
Margie & Tom Maloney

Diane said...

Thanks Karen and Margie, yes we will be there. See you then.