April 10 - 11, 2011 Travel to Delaware

Sunday morning we said our goodbyes to our neighbors and continued our journey northward.  

Ahh, spring in the east – where the trees are hues of red and gold and light green – with the young leaves just bursting out.   And the flowering trees, oh my.  Did you know that this is the only time of the year that the forest floor has a chance to show its colors – wildflowers – :-))).  Before I retired we did a lot of camping and hiking in PA and VA in the spring and I miss it…  But, you know, once we made the decision to head home, the pull is strong.   So that is why we have done two days of traveling – long first day especially.

Sunday night we stayed at a Wal-Mart in Ashland, VA and tonight we are staying at  the Elks Lodge in Dover, Delaware.

We arrived in Dover around lunchtime, had lunch at the lodge, and went shopping.   You see, Delaware has no state sales tax and since we had a number of large ticket items we wanted to buy, this was the place.   So we are now the proud owners of a new LED TV (to replace our two analog RV TV’s; material to make a new “bra” and wheel covers for the RV; a new ladder; shower bar and curtain (we aim to replace the accordion curtain that we currently have) and other odd’s and end’s.  Tomorrow we will return to shopping – I need to get fabric to make pockets for the RV plus insulation for the back closets (whenever we have cold weather the wall sweats, making everything wet.  In the Flair, we insulated and all was okay – no wet clothes or storage items) plus some more odd’s and ends.  We will be busy this summer – LOL.

Pictures from the road:

The Shenandoah Mountains:

04-10-11 A Travel on I-81 007

The Potomac River:

 04-11-11 A Travel on US-301 003

The Chesapeake Bay Bridge (by Annapolis):

04-11-11 A Travel on US-301 017

Ships in the Chesapeake:

04-11-11 A Travel on US-301 021

Trees about to burst – the picture does not do it justice.   Can you see the different color hues:

04-11-11 B Travel on SR-300 001

Flowering Trees – WOW!:

04-11-11 B Travel on SR-300 004

 04-11-11 Travel on SR-44 005 

Miles Traveled: 636 Miles

Routes Traveled:

Tennessee: SR-170; I-75; I-640; I-40; I-81

Virginia: I-81; I-64; I-295; I-95; SR-207; US-301

Maryland: US-301; SR-300

Delaware: SR-300; SR-44; SR-8; SR-15


TK42ONE said...

Hey, you passed right by us! We live about 4 miles from 301 and about 15 minutes from the bridge into Maryland. Hope you had a great trip!

Diane said...

Sorry about that... Next time we will stop in - :-))))