October 9, 2010 – Birthday, Balloons, Found Relative, and Magic

Today is my Andy’s Birthday so…


We decided to hang out at the motorhome this morning and boy what a balloon show.  We saw many lifting off, coming over our motor homes and even landing right in front of us.   Andy went out and helped the pilots until the crews arrived.  And he helped the crew with the Wells Fargo Wagon – wow wait until you see the pictures.  This was the first time that the wagon flew.

This was a different perspective for us – seeing the landings and seeing some of the special shapes land.   I have LOTS of pictures today – take notice of what happens when the cow and some of the other special shapes land.  Also notice Sponge Bob’s arms when he lands – pretty funny…

What a wonderful morning!!




Our pilot came by and we helped him pack up for his trip to Canada – he is feeling much better, thank God.   While Andy finished up with Bruce, I went and did laundry.

Then this afternoon, I got a phone call from a person looking for my father – turns out it is my first cousin who I did not know even existed.   And she lives only 20 miles from me.  How exciting is that!!   There is so much that I do not know about my father’s side of the family so hopefully we will stay in touch and meet when I get back home next summer.

At Happy Hour tonight, Bonnie presented a rock that she painted to Judy and Luke to thank them for hosting this Boomerang.  Thank you Luke and Judy.   The rock was painted with Mike Liberti’s Balloon (Luke and Judy crewed for him) and all of us signed it.

Here is Judy:

 10-09-10 C 1 C Happy Hour 001a

Bonnie, Judy, and Luke:

10-09-10 C 1 C Happy Hour 002a

Also at Happy Hour tonight, we talked with Susan and Brian about VA Benefits and the VA Medical Center in Tucson.  Thank you so much for that information.  We will be checking them out.

During the Care Auction, Steve auctioned his services for a magic show.  Carol Ann and Bob won it and invited us over for the show along with Dwayne, Betty, Dean, and Pam (Steve’s wife).  Steve was incredible as a magician and amazed us all. 

Carol assisting Steve with an illusion:

10-09-10 C Magic Show by Steve 003

Great show  -  Steve was incredible!!!

Bob presented Andy with a helicopter that he made – pictures to come and a card and everyone sang Happy Birthday – it was wonderful – thank you all.

What a wonderful day.

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