October 4-5, 2010 Part 2 Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta

On Monday morning, we were on the field very early to see the Dawn Patrol – still amazing.  Every day still brings awe to us.

We did meet our pilot, Bruce, and his children, Daniella and Nicholas. 

 10-04-10 A Ascension and Competition 017

10-04-10 A Ascension and Competition 020

We did not fly today but were spectators on the field.  Still awesome.   Today the non competitors launched from the field and the competitors launched off site and made their way to the field.  They had to launch at least a mile away and then come to the field and drop bean bags on a target without touching down.  Pretty interesting to watch.

We spent some time getting to know our pilot and then headed back to the motor home where we took it easy – these long hours are getting to us – LOL!!!  (I am still not sure how I put in all those hours when I worked – LOL!!!)

We had another great Happy Hour and then Madeline and Jerry and us went out for a quick supper.  Back home to bed – another early day.

On Tuesday, we met our pilot early but he could not fly because of some paperwork issues.  So Andy and I headed back to the motor home to watch the balloons from the RV park.  Today they first launched the special shapes and then the competition continued.   The neatest thing was after the special shapes were launched, the winds kept changing.  And from our vantage point, they just kept going in circles around the field.  It looked like a Disney movie where the magician waves his magic wand.   Folks, I still do not have the words to even describe what we are seeing…. Magical, Awesome, Incredible.  The pictures do not do it justice – oh my!!!   We are so blessed to be able to see this.

Even our little Dusty was amazed watching the balloons:

10-05-10 C Dusty (2)

Did you notice how big he is getting… and his mane is now starting to grow in…what a cutie – :-)))

This evening we had our potluck and care auction – great food, great chatting, and great time.

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