September 27-28, 2010 Just Two Regular Days

I spent the last two days just getting caught up (bills, laundry, groceries, etc.) and taking it easy.  And I am feeling much better.   Andy spent the last two days cleaning the motor home and Tracker and also resting – so far he is doing well – he hasn’t caught my cold…

And now we are ready for the Balloon Fiesta.  We move to the camping area tomorrow.   We are so excited.  Stay tuned for lots of pictures – :-))).

Here is our site at Leisure Mountain:

09-28-10 Leisure Mountain RV Park 003

09-28-10 Leisure Mountain RV Park 002

My new window shades are in the above picture and I love them – during the day I can see out but you can’t see in (at night we still have to use the curtains).   I am going to try to find that material to make some for the other windows – hopefully block out the sun but let the air breeze in…   Speaking of making – I made the blue “bra or bug catcher” in the above photo – it is marine vinyl and easy to wash the bugs away.  The open areas are screen material.    Not too bad – :-))).  LOL!  

Until tomorrow.


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Ron & Bonnie Hough . . . said...

We noticed your blue bra. Considering the time I spend scrubbing bugs, it looks like a good idea. The one-way shades would be nice too. Looking forward to some balloon pix.