February 23 – 25, 2009 – Taking Care of Business

Lots to talk about today.

On Monday (23rd), we left Quartzsite and headed to Andrade which is about 3 miles north of Los Algodones, Mexico. One thing we noticed is that the desert is greening up so spring is coming.

We found a site on the Quechan Indian Lands with a number of other folks and joined them for a campfire tonight.

The stats:

Miles Traveled: 95 miles
Routes Traveled:
AZ: US-95; I-8
CA: I-8; CA-186

On Tuesday (24th), we went early to Los Algodones to see Dr. Roberto Arce of The Smile Shoppe. Andy had a filling that fell out and this dentist had been recommended to us. He did a great job on Andy’s tooth and gave him an estimate for future work that we plan to have done next season (November/December of this year). I also got my hair cut at one of the local beauty saloons and she did a pretty good job. We did do some more walking around and may do more shopping there next season. I would love to buy a number of items here but with the motorhome, there is not much room (and that, my friends, is very freeing – I can’t buy “stuff” because I have no room - :-))

It took us about 2 hours to cross back into the USA because the line was so long. Back across, we visited a number of possible camping sites – Mittrey Lake (which was pretty full) and Pilot Knob/Sidewinder Road 14 Day Free Camping Areas. We thought where we were was free but we were told we need a permit. However, we have not seen any signs to that effect. So we will stay here until our mail comes in or we are told we need a permit. Our plans right now are to stay until our mail comes in and we are hoping that happens on Thursday or Friday at the latest.

I got some bad news today. One of my long time friends, Maureen, was killed in a car accident this morning. My heart is breaking! She has touched so many lives and I have so many good and funny memories of her. Please keep her family in your prayers. We will all miss you, Maureen!

To all of you who read my blog: In the past 6 months, I have lost 5 friends (all under 57 years old). Please tell your friends and family, that you love them and appreciate them because it may be the last time you see them. And to all my friends and family, please know that I love you and you all have touched my life and made me a better person. And even though I am not next to you, please feel my hug!.

On Thursday (25th) we did our errand run to finish up a couple items we needed to do. (Thanks, Tina, for sending our mail.) We were also able to connect with Sandy and Raul (and Dale) for a great get together at the new Casino. The meal was wonderful and I won $90.00. We finished our evening at the campfire with our neighbors.

Some pictures of our campsite:

Some pictures of the new desert flowers:

Tomorrow we head out to our next adventure so stay tuned!

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