January 9, 2009 – Benson, Beading, and Quartzsite

This morning, we checked out the town of Benson – they have many little stores as well as a nice Safeway and Wal-Mart (which we visited).

I spent the afternoon with the ladies beading. I was blessed yesterday at Happy Hour. Stella, who runs the beading classes, sat across from me at Happy Hour and at the Taco table last night so we had some great chats. Today she taught me a lot of basics on beads, threads, and I started a type of tennis bracelet. She and the other girls showed me many of the projects they have and are working on – such creative ladies. I know next winter I am going to have a great time here. Thanks Stella and ladies.

We went to the “Chat with the Board” meeting to get a feel of what happens here and afterwards we went to Happy Hour. Another great time. We did spend time talking with Bruce and a number of others going to Quartzsite. They helped answer a lot of questions we had and they have invited us to stay with them – which we are. A number of people expect to be there on Monday, we expect to be there on Tuesday.

We walked out of the clubhouse to an incredible sunset with a full moon:


And for even more news: We will be working at Creamer’s Field Waterfowl Migratory Refuge near Fairbanks, Alaska from May 15 thru June 22. We will be manning the visitor center, giving out information and some light maintenance.

We also applied for another campground host position on the Kenai. We were interviewed yesterday and should know next week about that position – it will either be July or August. This is so exciting.

Tomorrow we are headed to Tombstone. There are so many things to do here within a 40 mile radius; it was hard to pick just one for this trip. Stay tuned.

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jerseygirl211 said...

Good Morning,

I've been coming for a visit almost every day, but I don't think that I remembered to wish you both a HAPPY NEW YEAR. Al's been busy laying down a hardwood floor in our dining room and of course I get clean-up duty and hauling the dishes, etc. from the china cabinets so they are in a safe place while he works. If I left it up to him, he'd try to move the cabinets without taking my dishes out. :( He wanted to go up to Pottsville today, but the kids called last night and said they are getting snow, so he shouldn't come up. They were expecting 2 to 7 inches. Well, HAPPY TRAILS.