July 5, 2008 – Bicycling at the Reservoir

This morning we made a trip back to the Askokan Reservoir with our bikes and had a wonderful ride (~4 miles).

Some pictures:

Back home, we have started to dismantle camp – today was the screen tent. This is the longest we have ever stayed in one spot. While it has been nice to really see the area and get to know some of the locals, we are ready to move on.

The workers had a picnic today and Audrey (one of the staff) brought us some fruit salad – fresh and delicious. Audrey has been really good to us every time she is working and it has been great talking with her. The ranger who works weekends, John, gave us a farewell (hug for me and handshake for Andy). John has always entertained us with stories. Everyone here has been absolutely wonderful.

One of the campers we met a few weeks ago is back in the park and stopped by today to chat (he asked if we were still here from before – yep!). Maybe we need to put out a mailbox. Oh, and last night, Andy lent a shovel to the young couple across from us. When they brought the shovel back, they gave us some grilled shrimp as a thank-you – mmmmmmm!

Although I liked having the park to ourselves, it has been very interesting people watching. But after two days, I am ready for some quiet in the evenings/nights!

And of course another great campfire!

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