July 20, 2008 – A Lazy, Rainy Day

Well, no mountain today either. We woke to lots of fog and cloudy skies so we just hung out. I spent time figuring out where we are headed after Quechee Gorge (White Mountains) and what campgrounds are available.

There is a great site that has overlays for mapping programs. Some of them are dump stations, state parks, Wal-Mart, etc. and since we use Deloreme for our travels, I spent time learning how to do the overlays. How wonderful to have all that info on one map instead of going thru all the books. Check it out: http://www.discoveryowners.com/cginfo.htm

We also said our goodbyes to John and Barb who are leaving this campground tomorrow. John helped us a lot with our DIRECTV antennae when we first got here (thanks!). We have met so many good people on our travels and it is so neat to hear everyone’s stories and travels.

We were able to have a campfire for a short time before another storm came in (and I am so happy we have electric and TV when it rains).

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