July 14, 2008 – Laundry, Grocery, and Neighbors

It was still raining this morning so we went into Manchester to do our laundry.

Laundry!! One of the things I do dislike about traveling is laundermats so I try to wait as long as I could then use the big washers and dryers and hope to be out of there within 2 hours. BUT today was terrible, all the large ones were taken, we had to wait for others, it was packed, hot, very expensive and (my opinion), our clothes did not come clean (although they did smell clean). And I was extremely frustrated!!! (For those who really know me, it takes a lot for me to get very frustrated.) So much so that when we left, all I wanted to do was get lunch and a beer!!! We did eat at a very nice restaurant, Mulligans, and then went grocery shopping and home. (And I did calm down in the restaurant.)

This evening our other neighbors came to visit and we had a really nice time around the campfire.

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