June 14, 2008 – Woodstock and the Animal Sanctuary

Woodstock! I will bet it brings back memories for some of you. (This is the town, not where they had the concert.)

As we walked around, I couldn’t help but smile with the memories. Most of the stores were a flashback to the 1960’s and 1970’s with the music playing, incense burning, selling tie die clothing, vintage clothing, vintage jewelry (even mood rings, remember them), posters, album covers, organic foods, and are you ready – even bongs! What a treat down memory lane!! I may be prejudiced but the music from that time is still the best!

One of the stores:
There is a great bead store in town that will be having classes. I am going to check further and may take a few.

There was also a flea market that we walked thru – lots of jewelry, handmade furniture, and, of course, the usual yard sale items. We did find out that they have this every Saturday and Sunday during the summer so we may stop back. On Wednesday’s, there is a farmer’s market in the same area so we will be checking that out.

From there we went to the Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary for the annual festival. The Sanctuary is a nonprofit organization that provides care, rehabilitation, and shelter to neglected, abused and discarded farm animals.

This guy got a new leg:

How about these fellows - look at the colors:

You want a picture of me???

Ahhhh! Life is good!!

What an interesting place. We did get to hear some of the background on these animals and some of the stories are really sad. It is great that there are places like this.

We arrived back home just before the thunderstorms and rain – off and on. It has cooled down quite a bit but we were able to have a small fire between the storms.

And a tribute to my father who would have been 83 years old today - We miss you, Dad!

Until tomorrow..

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