June 12, 2008 – The Park and the Area

This morning we decided to get familiar with the area and see what was available so we made our trek to Phoenicia and then to Woodstock. In Phoenicia, we visited the local grocery store, the general store (very quaint) and then had lunch at a local café – really nice.

In Woodstock, we visited the local store and just acquainted ourselves with the town. We have decided to visit there on Saturday – they have a farmers/flea market so we hope to get some good fresh veggies and fruit.

Back at camp, we visited the campground caretakers. We decided we wanted to stay here until July 7 and found out that it is possible so that is our current plans.

After supper (over the campfire!), we explored more of the park.

Our site:

Our woodpile (notice our view beyond):

Scenes around the park:

Andy chasing the geese:

What is real and what is reflection:

Have a great night! (Just love this internet availability!).

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