May 8, 2008 – Libraries and Flea Markets

Since today was a rainy day, we decided to go to the used bookstore in Front Royal. When we saw the library sign, we stopped in and lo and behold, they had WiFi. So we downloaded our email and checked on a few things. Sorry no blog upload, I did not have it ready. (But now, I know where to find WiFi!) The library was having a used book sale so we ended up buying a few. And because of that we did not go to the used bookstore.

From there, we took another scenic route to New Market and stopped at a large coop flea market. There was the usual junk but some other really interesting items. I did find out that some of the things that I was going to yard sale are collectibles. So maybe I will learn how to sell on Ebay and see what happens. The only thing we did buy was another book.

One thing about living in the motorhome is that we cannot carry a lot of “stuff”. And that for me has been liberating. When I got home last year, I went thru a good portion of my house to get rid of “stuff” because after living in this small space, the house overwhelmed me. I hate to admit it but I am a pack rat (as well as Andy). We keep things “just in case” and find that when that “just in case” happens, we cannot find anything. So items were donated, given away, or boxed up for a future yard sale (although see above for some of those items). When we packed the motorhome for this trip, some areas of the house were empty (yippee!), and some looked like nothing was changed (I see round two of getting rid of more “stuff” coming up when I get back.). The motorhome, however, has less than last year. The items that we never used were not packed this year. But I am still rearranging things!!!

No campfire tonight. They are calling for severe weather in the area and I am praying that it is not too bad.

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