May 20, 2008 - More Rain!

Another raining day here in the mountains so we decided to come down to the valley for WiFi and some shopping in Luray.

The library did not have WiFi but we were told we might be able to get it in one of the corners and we did! So that is where I am uploading.

We will be doing some shopping this afternoon and heading back up the mountain. Hopefully it will not be as foggy as it was this morning. (Visibility must have been about 50' so we took it VERY SLOW.)

We will be here until after Memorial Day. I will not be doing Wifi again until after we leave (unless we have to come down the mountain again). So that also means checking email, etc.

Until then!

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Adelaide said...

I love your motto..."life is about the journey not the destination." This is so true, though many people forget it and instead rush to go to wherever they are going without enjoying the journey.

Love the life you live